Introduction to Mudbox 2009


  • Часть 1

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    1. Introduction and Project Overview
    2. Exploring the user interface
    3. Using trays and properties
    4. Navigating the 3D View
    5. Using Mudbox starting points
    6. Importing custom geometry
    7. Working with subdivision levels
    8. Selecting and moving geometry
  • Часть 2

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    9. Freezing and locking geometry
    10. Exploring sculpting properties
    11. Looking at the sculpting tools
    12. Sharping geometry using the Grab tool
    13. Creating a UV layout and adding resolution
    14. Blocking in shapes using the Sculpt tool
    15. Blocking in the body
    16. Adding eyes to the model
    17. Adding rough detail to the head
    18. Shaping and sculpting the ears
    19. Using the Freeze tool to create overlap on the mouth
    20. Adding finer details to the head
    21. Refining the face
    22. Using Stamps to add skin detail
    23. Using Stencils to sculpt
    24. Adding clothing using Sculpt Layers and masks
    25. Using Curves to add shape to the pelvis
    26. Using Sculpt Layers to add mechanical detail
  • Часть 3

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    27. Adding panels to the legs
    28. Using Stamps to sculpt panels
    29. Finishing the legs and feet
    30. Using Layers to sculpt the gun
    31. Working with Materials
    32. Adding Lights to the scene
    33. Using Image Based Lights
    34. Working with Cameras
    35. Adding a texture to the head
    36. Using Stamps and Stencils to detail the head
    37. Painting the eye textures
    38. Using Projection painting on the clothing
    39. Finishing the body texture and adding a specular map
    40. Using custom Stamps to texture the metal pieces
    41. Using Projection painting to add mechanical detail
    42. Adding wear and tear to the pelvis
    43. Detailing the legs using Projection painting
    44. Adding wear and tear to the legs
    45. Adding detail to the gun
    46. Using Viewport Filtres
    47. Viewing and updating textures in Photoshop
    48. Exporting geometry and maps from Mudbox

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